Individual Fundraising

Creativity + Energy = Positive Results

Over the years, our community friends and family have been personally inspired to promote financial support and increase public awareness of Neurofibromatosis and the Neurofibromatosis Clinics Association. The NFCA has gratefully received walk donations from a variety of sources:

  • Pre-schoolers participating in “in-house” Turkey Trots;
  • Elementary students asking for birthday present pledges to the NFCA;
  • Adults hosting home “product” events;
  • Personal letter-writing solicitations to work associates and friends.

Individual Efforts 2016

  • Cornetti Baseball Tailgate – Special THANKS to Marianne, MaryKate, Cornetti family and friends – RAISING AN AWESOME $3,640!
  • Probola Chili Cookoff – THANK YOU Jennifer Lynn Probola- Hodge, Dr. Christopher Hodge, Lori Rupinski, Brad Raley, and the entire Probola family with special thanks to Linda Probola – RAISING AN AMAZING $3,869!

IT IS ALL ABOUT SUPPORTING OUR NF COMMUNITY! (and having a great time while doing it!!)

We cannot exist without your help and participation!